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Consulting and Other Services

Leibowitz and Gold provides consultation to clients and may recommend a course of action appropriate to their business needs such as:

  • Lease vs. Buy decisions
  • Investigations of anomalies or suspected fraud
  • Cash flow difficulties
  • Bookkeeping services
Other services we provide to clients include:
  1. Reports to regulatory agencies such as the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) and the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)
  2. Assistance to Counsel and expert testimony regarding financial and accounting aspects of litigations (such as calculation of monetary damages, lost income, and compounded interest calculations.)
  3. Business Valuations for use in sales of businesses, business succession planning, stock valuation, and in divorce matters.


Our success as a firm is due to our commitment and highly personalized service with our clients, which leads to a valuable and in-depth understanding of their business needs and requirements. This ultimately leads to a trustful relationship and a more successful business operation.